Help Us Update and Improve New Hampshire’s First in the Nation Primary Monument Today!

New Hampshire’s ‘First in the Nation’ Presidential Primary is a tested and time-honored right of passage for Republicans and Democrats alike who seek to hold our nation’s highest office. In traditional town hall settings, diners, VFWs and front porches throughout the state, the Primary serves as an early and important measuring stick for presidential contenders and observers alike.

The New Hampshire experience compels candidates to go beyond simple sound bites, clichés and 30 second ads, to interact with real voters every day. As the nation watches, every four years candidates are tested – their mettle, stamina, ability to connect with voters and build a winning grassroots team – on the proving grounds of the Granite State.

With that in mind, former New Hampshire Governor Hugh Gregg helped to found the First in the Nation Primary Monument to commemorate the Primary, and honor its victors as well as the candidates who competed in it. The Monument is located on the State Library grounds in Concord, and it requires some updates and improvements.

Your donation – made payable to the Park Street Foundation which is administering the Monument fund on the Committee’s behalf - is tax-deductible. In the grassroots spirit of the Primary, we are accepting donations of no more than $75 per individual donor and $150 per corporate donor.

To securely contribute online right now, please click on the red Donate button below. Checks are also accepted, payable to ‘The Park Street Foundation” with “Primary Monument” indicated in the memo section and mailed to 670 North Commercial Street, Suite 108, PO Box 1120 Manchester, NH 03105-1120.

Notable Primary Quotes

"[New Hampshire] is the last chance we, and the American public, get to see true hand-to-hand politics. I can drive from town to town and watch candidates go to local halls and answer questions from citizens for an hour...its a great process and it works."

Tim Russert, long-time anchor of NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’

"In an ever-shifting political universe, New Hampshire voters remain a constant: always informed, invariably passionate and deeply demanding of the would-be presidents who seek their vote. This is politics as it was meant to be."

Jonathan Martin, Senior Political Reporter, Politico

"I am of the firm belief that New Hampshire is and always will be first in this process…the voters up here…they ask tough questions. These are serious times and people are expecting the candidates to talk in a serious way with them, and those that don’t are going to be shuffled out very quickly."

David Broder, longtime reporter for The Washington Post

"I made it very clear to the states that were crowding out New Hampshire that I was going to honor the tradition and history of the first-in-the-nation primary…I think it has been an incredibly important part of the American political process."

President George W. Bush

"That’s the thing I loved about New Hampshire. They owed the country a good decision and they were determined to give everybody a listen."

President Bill Clinton

"[New Hampshire] made me a hell of a better candidate."

Senator John Kerry on his 2004 New Hampshire primary experience

"When the pundits declared us finished, I told them, 'I'm going to New Hampshire, where the voters don't let you make their decisions for them. I'm going to New Hampshire, and I'm going to tell people the truth.’"

Senator John McCain

The First in the Nation Primary Monument Steering Committee

Ray Buckley
Chair, New Hampshire Democratic Party
Jim Demers
2008 and 2012 NH Chairman, Obama for President
Steve Duprey
RNC Committeeman and former NHGOP Chairman
Bill Gardner
Secretary of State
Jennifer Horn
Chair, New Hampshire Republican Party
Andy Leach
Outreach Coordinator, Senator Kelly Ayotte; Former Executive Director, NH Republican Party
Neil Levesque
Executive Director, New Hampshire Institute of Politics at St. Anselm College
Van McLeod
Commissioner, Dept. of Cultural Resources
Jim Merrill
2008 and 2012 Campaign Manager and Senior Advisor, Romney for President
Tom Rath
2008 & 2012 Senior Advisor, Romney for President and former RNC Committeeman
Amb. Terry Shumaker
1992 and 1996 NH Co-Chair, Clinton for President; former Democratic National Committeeman
Kathy Sullivan
Democratic National Committeewoman and former Chair, NH Democratic Party
Mike Vlacich
State Director, Senator Jeanne Shaheen and former Deputy Chief of Staff, Governor John Lynch
Michael York
New Hampshire State Librarian